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Combat Hakido

Practical & Effective Self-Defense
for the Disabled


After years of developing and refining a practical, effective and motivational program of Self-Defense techniques suitable for use by individuals with a variety of disabilities, Master Instructor Jurgen Schmidt is now offering the complete program in an instructional series of videotapes designed for use by the disabled, Rehab Centers and the Martial Arts Industry. The Self-Defense Video Series, "Defense-Ability", contains a comprehensive, dynamic program packed with easy to learn skills, exercises and effective Self-Defense techniques for use in a variety of situations. It features detailed, slow-motion repetition of the techniques demonstrated. The Series is available in the VHS format only. The complete "Defense-Ability" program is also available in CD-Rom and book format with high-quality photographs detailing each technique. Additionally, Master Schmidt has developed and incorporated an exclusive "Instructor’s How-to" supplement to the Series, designed to develop increased awareness in able-bodied Martial Arts Instructors/Therapists and provide guidance on how to teach the course and interact more effectively with disabled students and patients.

Volume I: The Basics of Self-Defense

  • The basics of Self-Defense
  • Defenses Using One Hand
  • Effective Striking
  • Self-Defense and Rehabilitation
  • Wheelchair Dynamics
  • Re-directing Energy
Volume II: Self-Defense - Beginner’s Level
  • Dynamic Self Defense Strategies
  • Defense Against Kicks
  • Cross-Hand Wrist Grabs
  • Defense Against Punches
  • Defense Against Wristgrabs
  • Defense Against Arm Grabs
Volume III: Self-Defense - Intermediate Level
  • Defense Against Shoulder Grabs
  • Defenses Against Hair Grabs
  • Collar Grabs, Two-Hands
  • Cross-Hand Shoulder Grabs
  • Defense Against Collar Grabs
  • Defense Against Choke Holds
Volume IV: Self-Defense - Advanced Level
  • Advanced Techniques Against Grabs: Wrist, Shoulder, Collar, Hair
  • Advanced Techniques Against Cross-Hand And Two-Handed Grabs
  • Advanced Techniques Against Sidearm, Sleeve, Belt, Hair Grabs and Choke Holds


A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the IDSA video series, books and merchandise are donated to:

Chuck Norris - KDOOAThe Chuck Norris
Kick Drugs Out Of
America Program

The Miami ProjectThe Miami Project
To Cure Paralysis
An International Center For
Spinal Cord Injury Research

Please contact the IDSA for more information or if you would like to help support these organizations.


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