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State of Wisconsin, City of Milwaukee.
Mr. Mark Gridley, IDSA State Director and Chief Instructor / Training Programs
President/Founder "Life Protection Arts & Sciences, LLC."
2342 S. 32nd Street, Milwaukee, WI 53215-2802
(414) 383-0269

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We have dedicated an entire section of this website to showcase Mr. Gridley's program developments and and online photo gallery

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Mr. Gridley is one of the IDSA's most experienced, dedicated and leading Instructors. In addition to his many advances and achievements with IDSA programs in the State of Wisconsin, Mr. Gridley is also currently developing an exciting and innovative new program segment that involves practical and effective "Ground Grappling" techniques for individuals presenting different types of disabilities, from paraplegic wheelchair users to those who are semi-ambulatory. Mr. Gridley recently held a very successful and motivating workshop / short-course in Milwaukee containing several elements from this new "Ground Grappling" program segment.

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