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The IDSA Founder and President

Founder of "Defense-Ability"
Combat Hapkido for the Disabled

President of the International
Disabled Self-Defense Association

Vice-President of the International
Combat Hapkido Federation

Vice-President / Director of
Self Defense America


Master Jurgen Schmidt
Master Jurgen Schmidt


After years of hard work, Master Jurgen Schmidt developed a very realistic and effective Self-Defense program based on the ICHF Combat HapKiDo system.
The resulting program was so successful that it came to the attention of local Hospitals like Jackson Memorial and HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital. These and many other Hospitals subsequently asked Master Schmidt to conduct Self-Defense seminars for the benefit of their patients.

While continuing to train and further develop the system, news about his achievements and unique program spread throughout the Martial Arts community, making the public aware of the fact that the disabled are frequent victims of crime and are particularly vulnerable to physical assault. Master Schmidt also recognized the need for a training program that would not only teach Self-Defense skills but also offer rehabilitative, therapeutic and emotional benefits for individuals with different types of disabilities. Master Schmidt has also developed a specialized program to teach Martial Arts Instructors and School Owners on how to teach and bring this type of program for the disabled to their communities.

Aside from being the only known person in the World to have developed such a comprehensive program, Jurgen Schmidt is also the only disabled individual ever to obtain such a high rank in the Martial Art of HapKiDo (including official certification by the Korean Government).

  • Over 30 years of Martial Arts experience.
  • Master Instructor Certification in Combat Hapkido
  • Founder of "Defense-Ability" - Combat Hapkido for the Disabled
  • Founder/President of the International Disabled Self-Defense Association
  • Vice-President of the International Combat Hapkido Federation
  • Vice-President / Director Self Defense America
  • Certification by the World Ki-Do Federation (Korea Ki-Do Hae).
  • Instructor Certification in TaeKwonDo.

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  • 6/1991 Sun Sentinel Newspaper
    Article: Martial Arts For Everyone
  • 6/1991 Sun Sentinel /Southeast Edition
    Feature Article/Cover: The Disabled Can Master HapKiDo
  • 3/1992 Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine
    Article: HapKiDo Seminar
  • 4/1992 Gainesville Sun /Neighbors Edition
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  • 4/1994 TaeKwonDo Times Magazine
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  • 9/1995 TaeKwonDo Times Magazine
    Article: Indomitable Spirit
  • 5/1998 Martial Arts News Talk Radio (New York)
    Feature Interview: Martial Arts And The Disabled
  • 7/1998 Champions Radio Show (Ohio)
    Feature Interview: Self Defense For The Disabled
  • 7/1998 Southeast Living (Ohio)
    Feature Article: Bit Of A Challenge

    Master Jurgen Schmidt has received the highest forms of recognition and distinction bestowed by the Martial Arts Community:

  • 1995 Inducted in the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame:
    "Life Achievement" Award

  • 1996 Inducted in the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame:
    "Outstanding Contribution" Award

  • 1997 Inducted in the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame:
    "Master of the Year" Award

  • 1998 Inducted in the Martial Arts Masters, Pioneers & Legends Hall of Fame:
    "Outstanding Martial Artist of the Year" Award

  • 1998 Inducted in the World Karate Union Hall of Fame:
    "Master of the Year, Self-Defense" Award

  • 2002 Inducted in the AMAM Martial Arts Hall of Fame:
    "Outstanding Contribution To The Martial Arts - Master" Award

In addition to being a leading expert on Self-Defense for the disabled, in 1993 Jurgen Schmidt also founded the National Handicapped Watercraft Riders Association, the country’s first Association dedicated to teaching the disabled how to ride Jet-Ski’s. As a result he was featured several times on television, and in numerous newspapers and magazine articles.


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