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Welcome to the IDSA / ICHF Video Library!

After years of developing and refining a practical, effective and motivational program of Self-Defense techniques suitable for use by individuals with a variety of disabilities, Master Instructor Jurgen Schmidt offers the complete "Defense-Ability" program on an instructional series of videotapes designed for use by the disabled, Rehab Centers, State entities and the Martial Arts Industry.

"Defense-Ability" Series-1 contains a comprehensive, dynamic program packed with easy to learn skills, exercises and effective Self-Defense techniques for use in a variety of situations. It features detailed, slow-motion repetition of the techniques demonstrated.

Click here to find out more about the Defense-Ability Series-1

In our ongoing efforts to expand and develop unique, exciting new programs, the IDSA is currrently working with several of our highly skilled and experienced Instructors, as well as professionals with extensive expertise in the field of Rehabilitation, to develop several new additions to IDSA programs, such as:

Defense-Abilty Series 2 - Advanced Training
Beyond the Basics - Advanced Self-Defense Training

Defense-Abilty Series 3 - Weapons Training
Advanced Self-Defense Training using weapons

Defense-Abilty Series 4 - Defense Against Weapons
Advanced Self-Defense Training - defending against weapons

The Instructors Series
"How to teach our programs in your school - for Instructors and School Owners"

Practical and effective "Ground Fighting"
"Even when you're down, you can still defend yourself"
Under development in conjunction with Mr. Mark Gridley, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Please refer to the "Locations & Instructors" page, State of Wisconsin

Specialized training curriculums for the
Visually Impaired:
"Beyond Self Defense... when vision is an issue"

Under development in conjunction with Master Eric Deveau, Waukegan, Illinois
Special contributions by Jeannine Lawler-Szostak, Orientation & Mobility Specialist
Please refer to the "Locations & Instructors" page, State of Illinois

Specialized training programs for those who are
Ambulatory, or Semi-Ambulatory:
"Use of the cane, crutches and other devices"


Since the IDSA Defense-Ability curriculums are based on the ICHF Combat Hapkido system of self defense, in addition to our IDSA Video Series we also offer select items from the extensive ICHF Video Library to enhance and supplement your training

Click here for more information about the ICHF Combat Hapkido
Video Series - or visit our online store to purchase

Combined, the IDSA Defense-Ability curriculums and the ICHF Combat Hapkido self-defense curriculums offer the most comprehensive, practical and effective training programs ever developed, suitable for use by individuals with a variety of disabilities, as well as able-bodied individuals.

Not all disabilities are the same, neither are the applications of defensive techniques, therefore we encourage our members, students and specially our Instructors to add select volumes from the ICHF Combat Hapkido series to their personal library of training materials.

Please visit the IDSA online store for specific product information and ordering.


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